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Saturday, April 7, 2012

MOTOTRBO operation DMR

MOTOTRBO is real cool.   It is an experience into a greater radio experience and cause us to believe that radio has been "re-invented."   2 slot digital radio, (DMR standard) is starting to become standard knowledge in the radio industry.

I wanted to post a comment on the analog operation of a MOTOTRBO radio.

While using the MOTOTRBO radio in the analog mode I noted a substantial increase in performance even while in the analog mode.   After researching and studying that un-expected benefit for a while, I surmised that the performanc increase was coming from the digital processing of the analog signal.

So,, if you want a better analog radio, with digital operation performance, then get a MOTOTRBO (DMR) radio.   You'll be pleasantly surprised at the un-expected performance characteristics.

Public safety and business are experiencing this benefit today.

Good luck with your radio operation.

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