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Saturday, April 7, 2012

PTP and Crooks - Don't get caught in their web.

PTP speeds are growing up.   Those speeds are challenging wired circuits in a big way.   We've seen reliable radio speeds and bandwidths upwards of 600mbs......and growing.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous vendors out there that promise the moon and provide something that is amost just good enough.   What do I mean by that?

We all know that PTP links work best using LOS (line of sight) from one point to another.   In some instances PTP works in a deteriorated capacity in NLOS (non-line of sight) situations.

We have witnessed some vendors offering 300mbs in NLOS situations knowing well that speed would not be achieved.   Instead, they elected to argue down the system owner that they didn't need that amount of bandwidth and encouraging them to settle for less.   The customer ends up settling for the lesser amount with some sort of compromise on expense as a method of paying less for less.   In some situations the customer can't check it ..... or even know what they are viewing if they did.

This is a bait and switch routine in its finest form.

Don't get caught settling for less.   If your new PTP doesn't do exactly as expected, yank it out.   There are vendors out there that give you what is expected.   You nust need to hold the line on expectations and you'll get it.   And, remember.......sometimes the cheapest isn't always the best deal.

Till next time.....happy computing (radio-ing ?)

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